us history 3.1 notes

us history 3.1 notes - Lincoln, in fear of MD seceding,...

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Mona Shen 1 U.S. History 3.1 Civil War Begins John Brown and Harper’s Ferry o ELECTION OF 1860 S. Democrats wants to uphold Dred Scott decision for slaveholders’ rights N. Democrats led by Stephen Douglas pres. Nominee 1860 can’t be decided w/o 2/3 majority N. Democrats choose Douglas as nominee S. Democrats choose Breckinridge New Const. Union Party (neutral) choose John Bell Republicans nominate Abraham Lincoln , doesn’t support slavery, but allows it to remain within South Lincoln wins election 1860 South feels threatened by Northerner pres. South Carolina first to secede o COMPROMISE FAILS Senator Crittenden offers compromise through Crittenden’s Compromise: slavery stays where it already exists; no slavery north of the line Lincoln votes it down Feb. 1861 – Confederacy formed w/their new Cons. w/o tariffs Jefferson Davis = pres. o C.W. BEGINS Civil War begins at Fort Summter o ECONOMIES
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Unformatted text preview: Lincoln, in fear of MD seceding, declares martial law in Baltimore Mona Shen 2 South had better experienced military officers Norths advantages: o strong naval traditions o Larger popu. (22 mill.) for larger army o 90% of factories ammo o More railroad for supply line o Supply of cash Legal Tender Act passed to raise money for North; national paper money currency created North = 80% inflation South = 9000% inflation! Democrats oppose conscription o POLITICAL SITUATION Lincoln suspends Habeas Corpus to directly jail those opposed to Union G.B. & Fr. Decide to not support South even w/their dependency on cotton o 1 ST MODERN WAR Better bullet trench warfare attrition used to wear down other side South took offensive more casualties Gen. Scott suggested Anaconda Plan by dividing South and chocking supply lines to surrender Lincoln agrees on implement, or blockade S. ports...
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us history 3.1 notes - Lincoln, in fear of MD seceding,...

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