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US History Plains Farmers

US History Plains Farmers - US History Plains Farmers...

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US History Plains Farmers Hardship quote: "I can tell you nothing only that were hear and its strange I wish we had never started ... it seems impossible to get their." - Pamelia Fergus A poster advertising cheap land (Posters such as these were posted in public spaces to alert families of available land and promote westward expansion) Why sod houses? The prairie lacked standard building materials such as wood or stone; however, sod from thickly- rooted prairie grass was abundant Wagon The covered wagon was the most popular means of travel before the transocontinental railroad was linked to the Great Plains. Families packed minimal amounts of food and supplies Transcontinental Railroad - completed on May 10, 1869. -westward expansion by offering an easier means of transportation Books Many used readings as a way to combat the BOREDOM and LONELINESS of life in the Great Plains states and escape from their work lives. Western settlers often possessed unauthorized versions of books and stories Dry Farming - broke up tough sod with newly invented steel plows.
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