Physics Cars Bonus - Shen-1 Physics Bonus 1. I rated the...

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Shen-1 Physics Bonus 1. I rated the 1998 Toyota Corolla. Possible ratings were good, acceptable, marginal and poor. My car ratings were: acceptable in structure cage, good in head/neck, good in chest, marginal in left leg, and good in right leg. I was not surprised with the acceptable rating, as my car is over 10 years old. Looking at the picture of the completely crumpled front side assured me of good cushion time to reduce the impulse felt by the passenger. Overall, I felt that this report increased my feeling of safety in my car. 2. I watched an insightful video touring the VRC. I learned the VRC’s display hall acts as a car safety museum. This led me to believe you can tour the VRC. I predicted the VRC must have advanced lighting and cameras, which was substantiates by the video. Also, I did not know there were 25 sensors within the dummies. Humorously, I feel as if the facial expression of the teen dummy was especially angry. I was impressed by the cushion turn table as well as the various types of crashes tested, such as “hazardous practices.” The video informed me how the VRC is a catalyst for developing safer car models, since bad reviews mean low sales. I also noticed how complex the side airbags of a 2004 Ford were. Overall, the video boosted my confidence in car safety as well as my gratefulness towards this research center.
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Physics Cars Bonus - Shen-1 Physics Bonus 1. I rated the...

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