lab3 excel

Lab3 excel

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Unformatted text preview: Drops of NaSO Observations of Solution MagnificationSize (relative to field of view, mm) Number of Coacervates Seen 0 coacervates were very large and small in number 3 40x 0.05/4 2 coacervates seem to have split into smaller units 13 40x 0.008/4 4 coacervates are many in number and very small 40x /4 9 6 magnification makes it difficult to see many coacervates at once, as they are so small 100x .01/.5 1 8 can only be seen on 100x magnification 100x 0.005/.5 2 ps of HCl added Observations of SolutionH p [H+] (mol/L) Number of Coacervates Seen still clear, with small suspended particles 3.1...
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