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Assignment #5 - Due 2.08.12 - A< b If A and B are sets...

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MAT 345 – Assignment #5 Due 2/8/12 Please write up your solutions on a separate sheet of paper. 1. Without worrying about formal proofs, decide of the statements are true or false. For any that are false, supply an example where the claim in question does not appear to hold. a. If L a < for every element a in the set A , then . sup L
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Unformatted text preview: A < b. If A and B are sets with the property that b a < for every A a ∈ and B b ∈ , then it follows that . sup sup B A < 2. Prove that the greatest lower bound of the set (0,1) is 0. (Hint: Assume that 0 is not the greatest lower bound. That would mean that there is a lower bound, say x , that is greater.)...
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