Wkst 6 - Wkst 6 Multiple Choice Identify the choice that...

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Wkst 6 Multiple Choice Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. ____ 1. As of 2000, which country had more people behind bars that any other country on earth? a. Russia b. China c. India d. the United States e. none of these choices ____ 2. Labeling theory holds that deviance results: a. when one's deviant associations are more numerous and influential than one's non-deviant associations b. not just from the actions of the deviant but also from the responses of others c. when social control is weak d. when strain occurs e. all of these choices ____ 3. A crime "committed by a person of respectability and high social status in the course of his [or her] occupation" is called a: a. street crime b. public-order crime c. white-collar crime d. victimless crime e. state crime ____ 4. Tsar Peter the Great of Russia imposed a tax on beards on September 1, 1698. Which type of crime would this il- lustrate? a. social diversions b. social deviations c. conflict crimes d. consensus crimes e. public-order crimes ____ 5. Crimes that involve violations of the law in which no victim steps forward and is identified are known as:
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a. street crimes b. state crimes c. public crimes d. victimless crimes e. violent crimes ____ 6. In terms of gender and crime: a. men are 6 and a half times more likely than women to be arrested b. women are rapidly catching up with men's rate of arrest c. women are more likely to be controlled by definitions of gender roles d. men and women are equally likely to be arrested for non-violent crime e. all of these choices are true
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Wkst 6 - Wkst 6 Multiple Choice Identify the choice that...

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