reflection 2 - Macy’s A dream of mine would be to run a...

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Liza Paley As for now, I do not see myself with a clear career path. In my one semester so far at the University of Wisconsin, I have taken vastly different classes to try to determine which career I’d like to pursue. I have found myself with an interest in the department of Communicative Disorders, with a concentration in Speech Pathology. However, I’ve also been exploring my interest in the music industry, considering my love for music. Additionally, I found myself following my love for philanthropy. My interests are very across the board so I’m not yet sure where my career path will take me. I have not declared a major and don’t plan to do so until I am sure that I have found something that I love to learn about; something I am passionate about. Although I don’t see any opportunities at Macy’s that might fit my interests, I think that they have a phenomenal corporation. Just because I don’t see any positions within Macy’s that might benefit me, I do see a way to team up with
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Unformatted text preview: Macy’s. A dream of mine would be to run a nonprofit organization. I don’t know what I would want my nonprofit to benefit, but I think that Macy’s would be a wonderful business to team up with and possibly market together. I really enjoyed the speakers that came to talk to our class. I live in the suburbs of Chicago so it was nice to be able to have a concrete connection to where some of the people who came to talk to us work and to be able to create a mental image. I have actually been to two of the stores that had representatives come talk to us. Some themes I am hearing about the Omni Channel world is the desire that these companies have to connect to their customers. They have come up with some very creative ideas to incorporate technology and convenience into shopping, which are both important things of our society and what our society is moving into in the near future....
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reflection 2 - Macy’s A dream of mine would be to run a...

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