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reflection 3 - and it is absolutely incredible It seemed...

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To me, corporate culture is the culture that a single organization relies on in their everyday functioning. While listening to the speakers from Maurices talk about all that their company has to offer to their employees in Duluth, I thought I could really see myself in a similar environment. The main thing that I would look for in a workplace upon graduation would be a laid back environment. I would never want to work somewhere where everyone is in their own little cubicle and there is barely any human interaction in the day. I couldn’t be sitting at a computer all day long and not talking to anyone else. I would look for a working environment where people are happy to be there. If I’m not looking forward to going to work every day, then that is not a good sign. I remember watching a special on Google and the workplace that Google has created for its employees
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Unformatted text preview: and it is absolutely incredible. It seemed like it’s own individual community, solely for employees of Google. The employees got to sit on bouncy balls instead of chairs, they had their laundry taken care of for them, and there was a workout facility. It seemed unlike any workplace I have ever encountered before. However, after listening to the speakers from Maurices, I see it as being a similarly laid back environment, which is something I really like. I would additionally love to work somewhere where the employees are treated as equals by the people who are “higher up on the chain”. I understand that the CEO’s and managers have earned their titles, but we are all human beings that deserve to be treated that way. Above all, I just love the idea of a very laidback work environment where people truly enjoy what they get to do every day....
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