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reflection 8 - think that Meijer would also be a great...

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Liza Paley Meijer Reflection One of my biggest takeaways from learning about Meijer was the number of people they are able to reach out to. When you look at their website, it is clearly very user friendly, which makes Meijer that much more desirable to shop from. Additionally, they just sell so many things. Not only do they cater to younger generations like babies and toddlers, they also have kitchen and dining supplies. Meijer is the place where you can get it all. It is a one-stop-shop. Someone is able to walk in there and get clothes or accessories, electronics like a computer or an iPod, grocery items, jewelry and watches, things that you can use in your lawn and garden, necessities for your pets, and even video games. When you have a place like Meijer near you, there is really no need to shop elsewhere. I
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Unformatted text preview: think that Meijer would also be a great place to work. Since they sell so many different things, they need to hire many different people. I would assume that not every single one of their employees could know special information about each category of things they sell. They would need to hire people who can answer an intricate question about a specific object from a customer. I feel that Meijer’s one downfall is that they are not located throughout all of the United States. Meijer is not a household name the way that Target is. If Meijer were to extend to outside of the Midwest, I think they would be much more successful. I recognize that this is much easier said that done, but I feel that it would be a great step forward....
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