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Lecture 3 Slides - Review Auditory Transduction (1)...

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Unformatted text preview: Review Auditory Transduction (1) Vibrating object produces airborne sound. (2) Reflection and interference pattern of pinnae and ear canal produce directionally-dependent filtering, and gain in amplitude. (3) Area differential between tympanic membrane and oval window provides impedance match between airborne sound and fluid-filled cochlea. (4) Compression wave in the cochlear fluids produces traveling wave of the basilar membrane. Frequency is mapped to place of maximum wave amplitude. (5) Motion of basilar and tectorial membranes produce shearing force across stereocilia causing them to be displaced. (6) Displacement of stereocilia opens ion channels resulting in a graded electrical potential across the body of the hair cell. (7) Graded potential exceeds threshold of auditory nerve fiber creating an all- or-none action potential, i.e. spike response. (8) Neural 'circuits' encode information in spike trains produced by fibers at higher nuclei. Apple EarWorks A good reference: http://www.neurophys.wisc.edu/h&b/auditory/fs-auditory.html A good reference: http://www.neurophys.wisc.edu/h&b/auditory/fs-auditory.html UW Department of Neurophysiology UW Department of Neurophysiology Basic Questions of Survival Is anything there? detection What is it? identification Where is it? - localization Three Major Subdivisions Auditory Nerve Structure Function/Description Soma, Axon & Dendrites Basic structures of all nerve fibers Myelination Fatty sheath of axon, electrical insulation Efferent Fibers Carry information from brain to ear...
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Lecture 3 Slides - Review Auditory Transduction (1)...

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