Autism - http/ Impairment...

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Unformatted text preview: ¡ ¡ Impairment in Social Interaction ¡ Impairment in Communication ¡ Repetitive or stereotyped behaviors ¡ Differences in development appear prior to age 3 ¡ 1in 110 individuals diagnosed with ASD ¡ Lots of unanswered questions: › Cause? › Epidemic? › Best Interventions? ¡ Boys 4 times more likely ¡ Runs in families (2-8% ) ¡ Higher concordance in monozygotic twins (60-96%) ¡ Multiple Gene model: › About 11 different genes identified so far as having an increased risk of ASD › Combination of environmental and genetic factors ¡ Broader definition of Autism › Spectrum ¡ More attempts at early identification › Child needs a label for services › Get more services with ASD diagnosis than SLI diagnosis ¡ Not scientifically supported › Thimerosal (mercury) taken out of vaccines and no decrease in ASD diagnosis › People diagnosed with ASD never been vaccinated › Symptoms of ASD appear around same time as MMR vaccine administered (correlation not equal causation) ¡ What we know about our world is information we gain from our senses › ometimes.php ¡ People with ASD experience the world differently with unique sensory processing ¡ Parents often report children with normal hearing act deaf...
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Autism - http/ Impairment...

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