Language & Cultural Diversity

Language & Cultural Diversity - 12/7/2010 What is...

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12/7/2010 1 CULTURAL CONSIDERATIONS IN COMMUNICATIVE DISORDERS Peggy Rosin, M.S., CCC-SP UW-Madison Department of Communicative Disorders What is Culture? Learned as a consequence of being a member of a group Values and beliefs underlie overt behaviors Shared rules for appropriate behavior Culture Important Points Culture is learned --- we all have one! We all have a personal identity that is influenced by multiple factors such as: Native language Life style Gender Family of origin Race Socioeconomic status Ethnicity Occupation Religion Geography Commonalities and Differences in Group Membership Talk with a partner Of the 10 cultural influences listed find one area of commonality or difference Discuss whether or not this similarity or difference might affect how you might talk with each other Culture Recognizes Intracultural variation Cultural overlap Being a member of a group does not necessarily mean you adopt all the values and beliefs of that group The need to individualize our services for each client/patient and their family
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12/7/2010 2 Why are Cultural Considerations Important? Demographics in the U.S. are changing therefore SLPs and audiologists work with people from cultural & linguistic backgrounds different than there own Demographic Trends 322 languages spoken across the country, with more than 100 languages spoken in greater than half of the states (U.S. Census Bureau, 2000) English Language Learners are the fastest growing population in public schools nationwide (Escamilla, 2009) Risen by 60.7% over past decade (National Clearinghouse of Language Acquisition, 2007)
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Language & Cultural Diversity - 12/7/2010 What is...

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