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Language Structure - Speech Act(in the Speech Science Sense...

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1 Speech Act (in the Speech Science Sense) An act of communication in which a speaker produces a meaningful sequence of sounds, these sounds impact a listener’s ears, and the listener decodes a message identical to the one intended by the speaker. The process of speech production - general-1 Cognitive linguistic processes Thoughts, feelings, emotions generate an intent to communicate, are organized and converted to verbal symbols in the appropriate language. The process of speech production - general-2 Motor speech programming The intended verbal message must be organized for neuromuscular execution. Neuromuscular execution CNS and PNS activity executes by innervating all relevant muscles so that an acoustic signal is generated.
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2 A general model of speech production COGNITION AFFECT SYNTAX SEMANTICS PHONOLOGY LEXICON PHONETICS SPEECH MOTOR CONTROL Speech Motor Control - expanded - 1 Output of the phonetics component : A fully specified string of phonetic segments e.g. [ailaikmuviz] Operation-1 Breakup of segments into articulatory properties
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