Stuttering Guest Speaker

Stuttering Guest Speaker - 1 STUTTERING (though there are...

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Unformatted text preview: 1 STUTTERING (though there are other Disorders of Fluency) John Westbury Department of Communicative Disorders CD110 CD110 2 Video clips show what stuttering might sound and look like. z Perhaps youve seen the movie My Cousin Vinny (1991) z Stuttering in real life a 2- minute/113-word speech sample from a person who stutters (who is not an actor, and not acting; merely answering some questions) CD110 CD110 3 In both clips, we say the speaker stutters . But, the two speakers dont do exactly the same thing. This simple fact prompts an interesting question: CD110 CD110 What IS stuttering? (say, from a LISTENERS point of view) a speech pattern involving audible sound/syllable repetitions and/or prolongations that yield a distinctive hesitancy or failure to proceed with the normal stream of speech. 4 The (overt) sound and syllable repetitions and prolongations characteristic of most stuttering are usually called core features . Core features may be accompanied by bizarre gestures (overt grimaces, twitches, gaze shifts, unusual movements) -- so-called secondary features-- that P ersons W ho S tutter seem to add to restore the flow of speech. CD110 CD110 Core and secondary features 5 Another definition of stuttering from a SPEAKERS point of view: CD110 CD110 a speech pattern almost always associated with a momentary sense of loss of control , and powerful attitudes and feelings relating to the perceived difficulty of communication, and the speakers ability to succeed at it. 6 Yet another definition of stuttering from LISTENER & SPEAKER points of view: CD110 CD110 stuttering is a disorder of fluency (i.e., of the time aspect of speech) in which the speakers behavior does not meet societal expectations for speech production within an acceptable time frame. 7...
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Stuttering Guest Speaker - 1 STUTTERING (though there are...

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