Sociology Review—Midterm 1

Sociology Review—Midterm 1 - Sociology...

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Sociology Review—Midterm 1 23:00 -5 Criteria for a Private family 2 or more individuals intimate relationship expects to go indefinitely unless 1 is a child  pool their resources and income live in same household -Public 1 or more adults dependents take car of dependents -Functionalist: stability and cooperation  what makes things function -Conflict approach: inequality, power, and change where there might be places of  conflict -Feminist approach: power relations between men and women similar to conflict  approach -Symbolic Interactionism: how you make meanings out of interactions, “doing gender” -Exchange Theory: weigh costs and benefits, trade-offs -breadwinner-homemaker model peaked in 1950s -know  Loving v Virginia Alabama’s anti-miscegenation laws being voted out marital rape exemption 1920 women’s right to vote married women’s property act of 1848 -African American Single parenthood
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Sociology Review—Midterm 1 - Sociology...

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