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Phenomenological Approach - Phenomenological Approach REL...

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Phenomenological Approach REL 2300 The Phenomenological Approach Video on the Approach to the study of World Religions Transcript The approach we're using in this course to analyze and understand religion is the Phenomenological approach. It's given to us by our textbook author William Young. On page 4 you'll find this definition: Religion is human transformation, a response to perceived ultimacy. Young has decided to limit our discussion of religion to what [people] … the first part of that definition. Note that the key concept here is transformation; moving from one state to another. That is central to any religion. Ultimacy has to do with what is of central importance or central interest to a particular people who have a formed a particular religion. So it has to do with human, transformation and ultimacy; what is of ultimate and final importance. What is most compelling? What drives an individual more than anything else? In order to describe and flesh out this definition is that Young came up with a framework of seven questions that you can ask about any religion. These seven questions are found on page 14: · What does it mean to be human · What is the basic human problem · What are the causes of this problem · What is the end goal · What are the means · What is sacred · What is the nature of reality These questions are both theological and philosophical in nature and that may be new and difficult for you if you haven't dealt with them before. These are abstract questions. It may be
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Phenomenological Approach - Phenomenological Approach REL...

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