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Yoruba Religion - Yoruba Religion Indigenous Religion of...

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Yoruba Religion Indigenous Religion of Africa REL 2300 Yoruba Religion - Indigenous Religions of Africa Transcript of narrated power point presentation 23 slides total Slide 1 IN this lecture we'll look at the indigenous religions of Africa, specifically the Yoruba religion, after a few general comments on the difference between Western thought and African thought. Slide 2 By the West I'm referring to the Greco, Roman, European heritage. When we compare Western thought, the one most of us have inherited, with African Yoruba world views we see there are profound differences. In the West we think of the world as made up of inert substances. For example this desk is just simply a desk; a thing. In the Yoruba world view everything, including this desk, is animated with force. It has spirit and life in it. In the West what is unchanging is considered to be fundamentally real. Everything basically does not change. When change happens we need to explain the change. It is just the opposite in Yoruba. Change is considered to be natural; everything is always moving because everything is alive with force. When things stop changing then they have to be explained. In the West often we separate the mind and body into distinct entities. This comes from Descartes the philosopher and others. In Yoruba they have a thing that is much more complex. The body is spiritual and full of forces and has numerous parts. We'll talk about this. Slide 3
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We have inherited in the West from Plato the notion that what is real is in a higher realm and is more real than what is here in this world. That is greatly disagreed with by many in the West, so it is not a pervasive view. You can see the same sentiment in the Christian scriptures in I Corinthians 13. It's interesting to compare Plato's myth of the cave where the people live an cannot see very well what is in another realm with Paul's description of how we can see what's in this world is but a poor reflection of the true reality. In Yoruba religion everything is as real in this world as in another. There is no distinction as is often made in the West. Slide 4 Often in the West we think of people as individuals with an individual soul and mind. Not so in Yoruba. A person is someone who plays a role in the community and has no individual identity outside the community. You're not even a person until you find your place in the community. In the West time is considered to linear: past, present and future. In Yoruba time is cyclical, as it is in many Eastern religions. In the West reason is the primary way of discovering the way to live and what is fundamentally true. In Yoruba reason is only one of many ways of engaging reality. Slide 5 Let's look at little more closely at the Yoruba World View. As I said, everything of this world is made up of forces not inert substances. Therefore change
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Yoruba Religion - Yoruba Religion Indigenous Religion of...

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