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ESE Terminology - General Disability ESE ESE ESE ESE...

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Unformatted text preview: General Disability ESE ESE ESE ESE Terminology: Terminology: Terminology: Terminology: Deciphering Deciphering Deciphering Deciphering the Alphabet Soup of Acronyms the Alphabet Soup of Acronyms the Alphabet Soup of Acronyms the Alphabet Soup of Acronyms (Compiled (Compiled (Compiled (Compiled by Professor Eadens) by Professor Eadens) by Professor Eadens) by Professor Eadens) Page 1 of 5 PAGE: ESE Terminology 1/7/2012 Acronym Definition & Notes on Term ADH/D Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder A syndrome characterized by serious and persistent difficulties in attention span, impulsivity and hyperactivity. ADD (outdated) now called ADH/D primarily inattentive type. AS Asperger Syndrome A syndrome that is part of autism spectrum of disorders; considered to be on high end of spectrum BD Behavior Disorder medical/social term; student usually labeled EH or SED CD Conduct Disorder Student with CD is often labeled EH or SED CP Cerebral Palsy Student with CP is generally labeled PI, OHI, or MH CST Child Study Team A group of school-based and itinerate professionals who discuss, assess and evaluate students in regard to assisting classroom teachers in planning intervention in response to the students needs. Formed when teacher suspects a disability (pre-referral process.) E/BD Emotional and/or Behavioral Disorder medical term; labeled EH or SED ED Emotional Disturbance medical/social term; student labeled EH or SED EH Emotionally Handicapped An individual who usually has a normal IQ but displays consistent and persistent maladaptive behavior in an educational setting due to emotional challenges. EMH Educable Mentally Handicapped A student who is mildly impaired in intellect and adaptive behavior and has a reduced rate of learning. Academics usually peak between 3 rd-5 th grade level. Aka, Mild Mental Handicap EP Educational Plan A plan reviewed once every 3 years for students who are gifted. Basically the IEP for a gifted student. ESE Exceptional Student Education Current term for Special Education FAPE Free and Appropriate Public Education Required through IDEA HI Hearing Impaired An individual who is hard of hearing or deaf. Ability and academics can vary over a wide range. IAT Intervention Assistance Team formed to take the next step and the responsibility off the CST. (pre-referral process) IDEA Individuals with Disabilities Education Act This requires states to provide a free appropriate public education (FAPE) for all students with identified handicaps. Defines handicaps covered by schools. Schools receive funding and services are provided to student with identified disability. Aka, PL 101-476, formerly Public Law 94-142 IEP Individual Education Plan...
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ESE Terminology - General Disability ESE ESE ESE ESE...

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