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Millers 9 - involvement One student counts and distributes...

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Miller’s Nine Types of Accommodations/Modifications Type of Accommodation and/or Modification Description Examples Size Change the amount of number of items the student is expected to learn or complete. Have student complete the even-numbered problems in their math text. Have student learn 10 rather than 20 vocabulary terms. Time Change the amount of time allowed for learning, change amount of time for completing assignments or tests. Give student extra week to complete science project. Give student 1-1/2 hours instead of 1 hour to compete unit exam. Input Change the way instruction is presented. Use cooperative learning. Use visual displays. Use computer-assisted instruction. Output Change the way students respond. Allow student to say answers into a tape recorder rather than writing responses. Allow students to complete projects rather than take tests. Difficulty Change the skill level required for task completion. Allow open-book test. Allow students to use spell checker. Participation Allow for various levels of student
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Unformatted text preview: involvement. One student counts and distributes 20 manipulative devices to each student; other students use the devices to solve subtraction problems. One student writes report; another student draws accompanying illustrations. Level of Support Change the amount of individual assistance. Have Para educator work one-on-one with student needing additional help with assignment. Arrange peer tutoring. Alternative Goals Use same materials, but change the expected outcomes. Given a diagram of the parts of the eye, one student labels the parts; others label the parts and their function. One student identifies the ingredients in a recipe; other students identify, measure, and mix the ingredients. Substitute Curriculum Change the materials and instruction. Some students read and discuss novel; some students participate in Reading Mastery lessons. Miller, S. (2002). Validated Practices for Teaching Students with Diverse Needs and Abilities . Boston: Allyn & Bacon...
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