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M.C. ESCHER’S MATHEMATICAL PERSPECTIVE “For me it remains an open question whether [this work] pertains to the realm of mathematics or to that of art.” – M.C. Escher Maurits Cornelis Escher was born on June 17, 1898. His father, George Arnold Escher, was a civil engineer. When M.C Escher was born the family lived in in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands where George Escher worked as Chief Engineer for the government. Considering his father’s prominence in the field of engineering one might surmise this could have been a hidden inspiration for some of M.C. Escher’s future works. Escher’s academic life was rocky from the start. As a child, he was prone to sickness which affected his studies to the point he even failed the second grade. He also lived in the town of Zandvoort for a short time in 1907, with hopes of the sea air improving his health. Although his grades continued to suffer M.C. Escher efforts in drawing excelled. He never did graduate from high school and was rejected from serving in the military service due to an uncontrollable skin condition. Despite a facing so many disheartening obstacles, M.C. Escher did not give up and continued to draw and his work began receiving some recognition. Escher then enrolled in the Haarlem School of Architecture and Decorative Arts he began by studying architecture but issues with his skin condition arose again causing him to fall behind in several subjects and on the promptings of his friend and instructor the artist Jessurun de Mesquita who was very impressed by some of the lithographs he made during secondary school, Escher decided to stay with the school and switched to a major in graphics and decorative arts.
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Althou gh his work spanned a lifetime and covered a variety of interesting subjects, Escher is most well-
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RHill67_MCEscherMathPerspective - M.C ESCHER'S MATHEMATICAL...

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