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exam review discussion - Transition towns energy based...

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Unformatted text preview: Transition towns: energy based towns- fossil fuels to other forms of energy. Involves creating new forms of democratic systems Resilience : a resilient system can react relatively quickly to disasters because the nature of its design is more local and relationship-based. Self-organizing principles that can respond by itself to external problems, does not require outside intervention. Ie Cuba surviving peak oil- cuba had been dependent on fossil fuel, forced to develop a new way of running, local/organic food production. Transfer from mechanistic system to a resilient system. New principle of organization, even resilient systems may not be able to withstand the coming climate crisis Alter-globalization :-Counter summit protest (Seattle, Genoa)-Place based movements; transnational networks (Zapatista movement/ Subcomandante Marcos, La Via Campesina/ Patel)-World Social Forum-Everyday practices (community gardening, urban farming, transition towns) *Not based on governments/states, some aims to reform policy but more focused on grassroots movements-Movement from below (bottom-up approach)...
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exam review discussion - Transition towns energy based...

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