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Cait Bold INTS 390 Reflection Paper 1 October 18, 2011 My initial experience with Farmer Foodshare was somewhat discouraging. After hearing Margaret Gifford discuss Farmer Foodshare’s mission and the role that we as volunteers would be able to take, I was excited to take part in what seemed to be a great organization dedicated to truly helping those in need. Margaret is a charismatic businesswoman-turned-philanthropist, who truly believes in the work that Farmer Foodshare is doing. Her business and marketing background have undoubtedly enabled her to create the infrastructure that allows her organization to provide the previously absent link between local farmers and those in need of fresh produce. During her class lecture, Margaret briefly explained the various roles that we could assume in order to participate in her organization. I emailed Margaret, and indicated to her that I was highly interested in helping coordinate the Farmer Foodshare Challenge, an initiative that encouraged market-goers to donate fresh food and money to Farmer Foodshare and that partnered with the band Wilco for publicity and the sharing of common goals. Regrettably, Margaret failed to email me back with a date or time that would work for her to meet, and thus I was unable to provide assistance with the Challenge. I am still not entirely sure if the Foodshare Challenge was successful or not, and am still confused about the exact purpose and method behind the event. Undaunted by this initial lack of communication, I signed up to volunteer at a Donation Station for the second half of the semester. Donation Stations are booths at local farmers markets where Farmer Foodshare volunteers collect fresh food donations as well as monetary donations. Farmer Foodshare uses the monetary donations to purchase more food to be given to organizations in the Triangle area that address food insecurity, a
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Cait Bold INTS 390 Reflection Paper 1 October 18, 2011 term used to describe individuals who are unable to consistently provide food for themselves or their families. I signed up to work the Carborro farmers market Donation Station, due to its proximity to my house and because I feel like I have the closest ties to the Carborro community and would be best able to relate to that populace. There was a good amount of confusion as to when the groups of student volunteers would be switching, an important factor being that Margaret sent several conflicting emails and
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reflection paper 1 - Cait Bold INTS 390 Reflection Paper 1...

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