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Reading Assignment 5

Reading Assignment 5 - 2 How did Paul meet him 3 Why is...

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Reading Assignment: Ch. 25 from Davies and p. 211-223 from Miles Ch. 25 The End of Touring (Davies) 1) What was the controversial remark John Lennon made in an interview with Maureen Cleave? 2) What was impressive about the concert programs in Tokyo? 3) What happened when the Beatles toured in Manila? 4) Where was the Beatles last live performance in America? 5) Why did the Beatles stop touring? From Miles p. 211-231. 1) Who is John Dunbar?
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Unformatted text preview: 2) How did Paul meet him? 3) Why is Dunbar important in the history of the Beatles? 4) How did Marianne Faithfull meet Paul? 5) Who wrote "As tears go by" for Marianne? 6) What kinds of music was Paul exposed to at Lennox Gardens? 7) What were the musical creations that Paul brought to Lennox Gardens? 8) Which Beatles song did Faithful perform on the TV special, The Music of Lennon and McCartney ?...
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