lecture 3-26 - Age Sex Race Married Separated divorced...

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Robert Seufert – Lecture 3/26 Fatalities and serious injuries resulted from alcohol-related causes Ohio has 40% of nation’s fatalities per year More male drivers Age 25-64 Race Asian american drivers are at least risk Arrest and crash report data show an overrepresentation of hispanic and african-american (racial profiling) Evaluation goals Effectiveness of Clermont county municipal OVI court Propose standardized methodology to evaluate other OVI courts Regression variables propensity score Ovi court participation status
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Unformatted text preview: Age Sex Race Married Separated, divorced, widowed Number of children High school diploma or GED Ever attended college Employed full or part time Own residence Number of misdemeanor OVIs Number of misdemeanor DUIs Ever attended substance abuse treatment in the past Statistically significant differences Fewer alcohol-related offenses subsequent to program referral than non-participants More likley to have valid liscence Sentenced to more original jail days Fewer mandatory minimum jail days Fewer total days served in jail, inc. noncompliance...
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lecture 3-26 - Age Sex Race Married Separated divorced...

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