Chapter 6d Axial Skeleton - vertebral column

Chapter 6d Axial Skeleton - vertebral column - b vertebral...

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Chapter 6 Axial Skeleton: Vertebral Column Vertebral Column 1. f unctions of vertebral column a. column of support b. bears weight of head, neck and trunk c. protects spinal cord d. passageway for spinal nerves e. maintains upright body position 2. regions a. cervical CV1 - CV7 1) atlas - CV1 2) axis - CV2 b. thoracic TV1 - T12 c. lumbar LV1 - LV5 d. sacral - sacrum SV1 - SV5 e. coxxyx CoV 3. curvatures a. cervical - secondary b. thoracic - primary c. lumbar - secondary d. sacral - primary 4. anatomy of vertebra a. vertebral body - separated by intervertebral disks
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Unformatted text preview: b. vertebral arch- neural arch 1) vertebral foramen 2) pedicles 3) lamina 4) s pinous process 5) transverse process c. intervertebral foramen Figures and Tables in Chapter 6 that should be reviewed on vertebral column: Fig. 6.20 The vertebral column Fig. 6.21 Vertebral anatomy Fig. 6.22 Cervical vertebrae Fig. 6.23 Atlas and axis Fig. 6.24 Thoracic vertebrae Fig. 6.25 Lumbar vertebrae Fig. 6.26 Sacrum and coccyx Table 6.3 Regional differences in vertebral structure and function...
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