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Michael Caballero Exploratory Essay Natasha Olivera ENC 1102 The Media: Inspiring a Culture of Intoxication Alcohol and drugs have always been a major component of college life. However, in recent years the concept of binge drinking and social intoxication has become a staple in the entertainment industry that targets the age group consisting mostly of college students. Songs playing on the radio and shows on prime time all depict the idea of intoxication in a positive light and embrace it as a major part of the pop culture movement. Parties no longer consist of dancing and socializing but rather, game after game of beer pong and other games designed to specifically make it “fun” and easy to become intoxicated. Men don’t act gentlemanly and women are nowhere near ladylike. It seems that quite the opposite transpires and both sexes revert back to primeval ways. As a college student myself I have traveled up and down the state of Florida witnessing what true college parties are like and just how much the media affects what happens at them. Therefore, when I found out that I was a part of a class project that would deal with the influences of the media on young college students I knew that my own personal experiences would provide a great amount of insight into the topic. From the onset, my initial questions for college partiers were simple; how have your habits developed and why does the media affect them so strongly. The very songs, shows, and magazines that young adults admire, right in the midst of their most important stage of intellectual growth might I add, have inspired 1
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much of this culture of drinking. I believe that much of these influences are rooted in the fact that today’s society revolves largely around the actions and teachings of the rich and famous. College students look up to artists like Asher Roth and LMFAO as icons of how college life should be lived. These celebrities promote drinking and drug use as a popular alternative to basically all other conventional socializing techniques and college students soak it all up. “Keg stand! Keg stand!” repeats Roth in his very popular song titled “I Love College.” After hearing the song on the radio I thought that it was amusing and quite an accurate representation of what college life is really like. However, the more I heard of the lyrics the more I thought about how wasteful this lifestyle really is. This sprouted a new question into the equation: why do these activities, such as binge drinking and drug use, continue to take place when nothing positive results from them? To answer this question I will use my own experiences and dig up some hard facts. To set the stage I will say that a few months before beginning my
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Exploratory Essay Rough Draft - 1 Michael Caballero...

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