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Motorcycle Diaries - Stein 1 Ashley Stein The Motorcycle...

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Ashley Stein The Motorcycle Diaries: Cultural Paper Sylvia Carlson April 25, 2006 The Motorcycle Diaries is about two young men, Ernesto Guevarra and Alberto Granado, who set out on an adventure across Latin America, not really sure what to expect along the way. I chose to do my paper on the development of Ernesto Che Guevarra, a very inspiring man during the Cuban Revolution. Ernesto Guevarra is a 23 year-old medical student. You can tell that he isn’t very happy with his life, in his first letter to his mom he writes that “this wretched life is now gone, the uninspiring lectures, the papers, the medical exams. All of Latin America is ahead of us.” He seems to be glad to be getting away from civilization and getting closer to the land. I think he is unsure of what he really wants to do with his life, and hoping that life journey will help him figure that out. Ernesto knew much about what was going on in Europe but he realized he really didn’t know anything about Latin America, and he wanted to see just what was out there. This shows the adventurous side of him. They arrive in Lima, Peru where they meet up with Dr. Hugo Pesce. They had contacted him before they left on their journey, and Ernesto says he is the best thing about Lima. He is the director of Peru’s leper treatment program who shares with them clothes, money, food, and ideas. At this point we see another side of Ernesto, his honesty. Dr. Pesce asks him to read his book that he says he has been working on for quite some time and is very proud of. When they are about to leave for San Pablo, Dr. Pesce asks him what he thought about his book.
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Motorcycle Diaries - Stein 1 Ashley Stein The Motorcycle...

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