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Week 2 Study Guide - THEO 104 Study Guide Module 2 I...

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THEO 104 Study Guide: Module 2 I. Christianity is a Life-Changing Book Instructions to Student: Write your answers in this column. The cell will expand as you type. A. Core Christianity (textbook): Chapter 2 1. What does dual authorship mean? This means that both God and man were writing the Bible at the same time. 2. What was the Old Testament written on? On leather, also called vellum or parchments--fine soft skins of animals sewn together, one after another, and rolled into a scroll 3. What are the three divisions of the Old Testament? -The five books written by Moses -The words of the Prophets -The words of the Psalms 4. What did the Psalms scroll contain? The historical books and the Minor prophets. 5. What is a codex? Paper made from papyrus reeds grown in swampy areas. The soft milky core was flattened by pounding on a stone, then dried into sheets and sewn together at the edges, thus making a book with a spine. 6. Where does the name “Bible” come from? "Ta Biblia", which simply means "the book". The latin, "ta biblia", became Bible in English. 7. Where does the term “Scripture” come from? A few people called the Bible the "Scriptures". This is from the words "scriptus", which is the act of producing writing. Consequently, the Bible is the writings of God. 8. What are three ways the Bible can influence its reader? Through its convicting, convincing, and converting power -Tells the bad news about good men. It is a truthful book that looks beyond the sins of its people to the truth it upholds. -The Bible is a story of present hope for those who are discouraged, despondent, or have no purpose in life. B. Theology for Today (online excerpts) Arguments that the Bible is the Word of God 1. What three arguments form the basis for arguments from revelation? 1. The first argument that the Bible is the Word of God is based on the person of Jesus Christ 2. THE EXTRAORDINARY CLAIMS THAT THE BIBLE IS FROM GOD 3. THE EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE OF THE FULFILLMENT OF PROPHECY 2. What empirical evidence sets Christianity apart from other belief systems? -The Bible's demonstrated ability to predict the future. -Chrisitianity is the only religion that gives fulfulled prophecy as one of its bases for crediblity -The Bible has a transforming power to change the lives of Page 1 of 6
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THEO 104 individuals 3. Name two sources that establish an early date of scripture. -Septuagint and the Dead Sea Scrolls Inspiration: Guaranteeing the Word of Scripture 1. What are the four qualities of inspiration? -Inspired guidance by the Holy Spirit
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Week 2 Study Guide - THEO 104 Study Guide Module 2 I...

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