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Week 3 Study Guide - THEO 104 Study Guide: Module 3 I....

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THEO 104 Study Guide: Module 3 I. Christianity is a Miraculous Resurrection Instructions to Student: Write your answers in this column. The cell will expand as you type. A. Core Christianity (textbook): Chapter 4 1. List the eleven proofs of Christ’s resurrection? 1) The empty tomb 2) The sudden transformation of the frightened Disciples 3) The rapid emergence of the Church 4) The testimony of the various individuals and groups of people that claimed they talked with and fellowship with the resurrected Christ. 5) The physical resurrections is proved by the transformation of Paul 6) By the testimony of Believers in whom Christ dwelt. 7) By the New testament which completely and historically explains the doctrine of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. 8) By the inability of the jewish leaders to disprove that Jesus arose from the dead, in the very citywhere He died and was buried. 9) Is proved by the change in the day of worship from saturday to Sunday. 10) By the conversion of James, the half brother of Christ. 11) By the testimony of Ignatius of Antioch, who was born in AD 30, when Jesus was raised from the dead. 2. T/F: Jesus predicted His death and resurrection. True B. Theology for Today (online except) What Kind of Resurrection? 1. What is the biblical definition of death? separation of a person’s body and spirit 2. What did the Roman soldiers do (and not do) that showed that Jesus was dead? They did not break his legs but they pierced his side. 3.
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Week 3 Study Guide - THEO 104 Study Guide: Module 3 I....

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