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THEO 104 Study Guide: Module 4 I. Christianity is an Ongoing Relationship with God Instructions to Student: Write your answers in this column. The cell will expand as you type. Core Christianity (textbook): Chapter 6 1. What does the Greek word proseuchamai mean? Prayer 2. T/F The Lord’s Prayer embryonically contains everything a Christian must know and every way that a Christian must pray. True 3. Since a Christian has the righteousness of Christ, what should he do daily? He needs to conform his daily, earthly life to heavenly standards. Found: God’s Will (textbook) 1. In what way do some people equate God with a cosmic Easter bunny? As if HE was hiding HIS Will from us like a Easter bunny hiding eggs. 2. What is the simple assumption MacArthur begins his book with? To assume that HIS will for our lives is in Scripture 3. What does MacArthur say is the crucial first step? He wants us to be saved…Salvation 4. Who did Jesus say was his family (brother, sister, mother)? For Whosoever shall do the Will of God 5. What does MacArthur suggest that the doctrine of salvation is unpopular? Because it includes the recognition of sin. 6. What does MacArthur say is the second step to knowing God’s will? You must be Spirt-Filled 7. How does MacArthur compare us to a glove? by comparing how the Spirit of God operates in Human Life 8. What does MacArthur say is the best way to find out your spiritual gifts? Live a Spirit-filled Life 9. What is the significance of Jesus’ promise to send his followers allos (another) comforter? the Spirit is exactly like Christ so living the Spirit-filled life is nothing more than living in the conscious presence of the indwelling Christ Page 1 of 5
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THEO 104 10 . What are four principles Paul taught concerning practicing purity? 1) Abstain from fornication
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Weeek 4 StudyGuide - THEO 104 Study Guide Module 4 I...

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