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Current Event Paper 2 - Current Event Paper 2: The Impact...

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Current Event Paper 2: The Impact of Fatherlessness on Children My wife and I recently watched the movie “Courageous”. This movie has challenged me to think more about the root of behaviors of young people and the decisions they make. In the movie, the focus is on the cause and affects that a father has on his kid(s). As a police officer, I do see this play out in my work and in my community. Many of the young men and women I have arrested come from broken homes; some do not even know who their fathers are. I find that some of the youth I encounter are already headed towards becoming delinquents. Even though there are exceptions, I find that the common thread in most of the kids’ lives that I have dealt with, in a negative context, is that they do not have a stable home life and their fathers are not in the picture. Children from broken homes seem more likely to be involved with gangs, drop out of school, and to become teenage parents. In an article titled “The Consequences of Fatherlessness”, it discusses six main issues and shows the statistics of these issues, which are most likely to affect children growing up without a father (, 2007). Interestingly enough, the statistics from this same article indicated that children living in a household where the mother is the head of the house are more likely to be in trouble with the law (The Consequences of Fatherlessness”,, 2007).
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Current Event Paper 2 - Current Event Paper 2: The Impact...

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