Topic 1 - Current Event Paper 1 Abuse of Drugs or Alcohol...

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Current Event Paper 1: Abuse of Drugs or Alcohol It is no secret that many people in America have a problem with drugs or alcohol. There are several factors that make a person more prone to addictive tendencies. One reason is genetics. A person who has a family history of alcoholism is more likely to be at risk to struggle with alcohol abuse. Another reason for addictive behavior is one’s personality. Many people, especially younger people, are fearless and are willing to take chances and this risky behavior enables them to try drugs or alcohol. Studies show that teenagers who begin using drugs are more likely to become addicts. Some people may be facing tough economic times and feels fearless in that they have nothing left to lose by trying drugs. A person’s environment can also lead them to a life of substance abuse. If someone has parents who use drugs, they probably have readily access and the parents may not discourage their child from trying it. Prescriptions can be a problem for a lot of people and those with kids, may not realize that their child is taking the prescription medicine from their parents and either using it or selling it to other kids at school. This leads to another
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Topic 1 - Current Event Paper 1 Abuse of Drugs or Alcohol...

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