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Fearless and courageous brave men and women set sail for the New World with their hopes of a better life. Although they were aware of some of the risk associated with this colonization they knew it the best choice. Much was at stake and they had no inkling of the grave dangers that were awaiting them. I believe it was their faith in the Lord that guided them thru this journey to the New World. William Bradford writes; “those that went first, but the body of the rest, that if the Lord gave them life, and means, and opportunitie, they would come and soon as they could”. All these early settlements had some similar issues as they each had their faith to start fresh in the New World. Virginia lacked leadership and organization and they lived in constant conflict among themselves and between the savage Indians. From the beginning they were doomed due to their choice of location for the new colony. The harsh environment, hunger and fear dealt with the inexperienced leaders almost lead them to their demise. The Puritans in Massachusetts on the other hand had strict organization and leadership.
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