History of Public Relations

History of Public Relations - Trends Affecting PR Growth of...

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Unformatted text preview: Trends Affecting PR Growth of big institutions Heightened public awareness and media sophistication Increasing incidence of societal change, conflict and confrontation Globalization and the growing power of global media, public opinion & capitalism Dominance of the Internet and growth of social media Ancient Examples of PR Agricultural parchment on crops Greek Sophists on political candidates and issues (early lobbyists) Julius Caesar's Commentaries on the Gallic Wars Magna Carta Catholic College of Propaganda Revolutionary War Era Slogans to foster participation Symbols First to press Staged public relations events Organizations for action Publications Fundraising Post Revolution "History's Finest Public Relations Job" Creation of Events Press Agentry Modern Political Campaigning First Corporate Public Relations Department Early 1900s The Muckrakers First Public Relations Firm AT & T--Theodore Vail Public Relations Journal founded Early 1900s Ivy Lee 1906 Pennsylvania Railroad Strike 1914 Colorado Fuel and Iron Strike Declaration of Principles First to use handouts Father of modern public relations World War I George Creel Committee on Public Information "Four Minute" men The 1920s Arthur Page: AT & T Alice Beeman: first woman to head an associationCASE The 1920s Edward L. Bernays Wrote the first textbook: Crystallizing Public Opinion Taught the first public relations course Coined the term "public relations counsel" Married to his partner Doris Fleischman Roosevelt Era Gallup and Roper polls founded Joseph V. Baker: first minority firm Leone Baxter: first woman to head a public relations firm Elmer Davis: Office of War Information FPRA founded in 1938 Use of paid advertising for public relations in the war effort Post World War II Era PRSA founded: 1947 Virgil Rankin: first PRSA president Growth in public relation education USIA founded The Information Age Sputnik: 1957 John Naisbitt: Megatrends--data double every 20 months Semiconductor chips, fiber optics The Internet and World Wide Web ...
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