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Public Relations & Public Opinion

Public relations amp public opinion

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Unformatted text preview: Attitudes Forming attitudes Changing attitudes Theories for Public Relations Bem's SelfPerception theory Heider's Balance theory Festinger's Cognitive Dissonance theory Selective exposure Selective perception Selective retention Theories for Public Relations Maslow's hierarchy of needs Physiological Safety Love Esteem Selfactualization Theories for Public Relations Agendasetting Concentric circle Great thinkers Great disciples Great disseminators Lesser disseminators Politically active Politically inert Theories for Public Relations Diffusion of Innovations Awareness Interest/Information Evaluation Trial Adoption Reinforcement Theories for Public Relations Adoption rates in the diffusion process Innovators Early adopters Early majority Late majority Laggards Theories for Public Relations Grunig's four models: combination of direction and intended effect--one way versus two way; asymmetrical versus symmetrical Press Agentry: Barnum, get name before public; truth not important Public Information: Lee, disseminate factual information; inhouse journalist Theories for Public Relations Grunig's four models: Twoway Asymmetrical: Bernays, scientific persuasion Twoway Symmetrical: Grunig & Hunt, uses research to shape both message and organization Theories for Public Relations Historical approaches to media effects Bullet Theory Individual Differences Theory Social Categories Theory Social Relationships Theory Cultural Norms Theory Theories for Public Relations Klapper's four conditions for media effects Media have monopoly of information Little interpersonal interchange Lowsalient issue No deep rooted opinions A Model of Communication Encoding Source Message Channel Noise Receiver Feedback...
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