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Unformatted text preview: EME2040: Intro. Educational Technology Week 5: Inspiration Naming Your Files All assignments that are turned in should have your first and last name and the assignment # in the file name "YourNameAs#" unless otherwise stated. Files that are improperly named will NOT be graded until properly named. If they are renamed after the deadline, they will be considered late thus points will be 2 deducted according to the late policy. Today in Class Blog Time Discussion of the readings Skill Check 2 (Word) Inspiration Demonstration (Instructor) Class practice: Creating flowchart and concept map (Individual Work) Announcements 3 Blog Time Log into Wordpress Go to a classmate's blog (Choose someone's blog you haven't read yet) Read at least two blog journals (Either Post 2 or Post 3) and post a comment on each journal. 4 Chapter 6: Graphic Design Thoughts? Why is this important to educators? Non-Designer's Design Principles (Robin Williams) Contrast Repetition Alignment 5 Proximity Chapter 7: Outlines, Idea Maps, Storyboards Thoughts? Have you ever used outlines, idea maps, or storyboards? Examples? 6 An Introduction to Inspiration http://www.flickr.com/photos/yish/ Using Inspiration in the classroom Visualize ideas, concepts and relationships Improve writing proficiency Promote brainstorming Plan and organize projects Uses for students? Uses for teachers? 8 Visual Learning Techniques: Webs Visual maps that show how different categories of information relate to one another are Webs 9 Visual Learning Techniques: Idea Maps Visual maps that help students brainstorm, solve problems and plan their work are Idea Maps 10 Visual Learning Techniques: Concept Maps Concept maps graphically illustrate relationships between information. Two or more concepts are linked by words that describe their relationship 11 Visual Learning Techniques: Flow Charts Graphical representation s of a process are known as Flow Charts Go to "http://www.inspiration.com" 12 Inspiration: Skills Needed 13 Practice Activity 1.Insert main ideas and sub-topics 2.Practice changing colors of symbols 3.Practice changing text style and font 4.Try different arrangements 5.Link ideas: Can you change the arrowheads? 6.Try to insert a note and a hyperlink 7.Practice using your own images as symbols 8.Use the outline view 14 9.Export to Word, PPT, and as a graphic Challenge: Get fluent with Inspiration 10.Write text in the line Text Labels 15 Notes Icon 16 Assignment #5 Create two concept maps or flow charts Concept Map (or Flow Chart) #1 Minimum of 12 nodes All nodes fit neatly in one screen Lines, arrows, and text in lines At least three different shapes/images At least one web link Content is NOT important 17 Assignment #5 Concept Map (or Flow Chart) #2 Minimum of 12 nodes All node fit neatly in one screen Map must display logical connections between nodes Content is IMPORTANT 20 Announcements Due by next class Blog Journal 4 Inspiration (Assignment 5) Skill Check (Inspiration) Chapter 3 Podcast: Evaluating Web Resources 21 ...
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