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History 248 – Fall 2008 – Essay Assignment 1 1 HISTORY 248 (Fall 2008) Essay Assignment 1 DUE: In your section meeting in Week 6 (10/9/08 or 10/10/08) Value: 20% of course grade Essay Requirements: 4-6 pages. You must have at least four full pages and not more than six full pages. Number your pages in the upper right-hand corner. Indent your paragraphs (1/4 inch). Since the essay is already double spaced, do not make an additional line between paragraphs. Double spaced, 12-point font. 1-inch margins (right and left, top and bottom). Do not include a title page. Do not include a bibliography or List of Works cited, but you must cite your sources in footnotes (see below). You must turn in the paper on time as a printed paper copy to your TA and as an electronic file (MS Word-compatible) uploaded to D2L (dropbox named “Essay Assignment 1”). Goal of Assignment: An important goal of the course is for you to differentiate between primary and secondary sources and to see how historians use them. This assignment will help you understand how to write an essay based on primary source documents and to synthesize them with secondary source materials. GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS You must write an essay answering one of the questions provided. The essay must answer the problems posed and be based on the primary sources listed. This assignment is not a research paper, but an essay that synthesizes the material you have been reading and hearing in the course. It requires an intensive reading of the question’s required primary sources and any other additional documents you have chosen. The primary documents and your analysis of them are the heart of the paper. You must use the primary sources specified in the question . For any additional primary sources and secondary sources, you can choose from any week in the course. You may only use documents and readings used for the course (unless otherwise stated) as evidence in your essay: do not incorporate outside material into your essay, or you will be penalized. If you feel that you do not have the necessary primary and secondary sources in the course material to support your argument statement, you should try revising your argument or trying a different question. Besides fulfilling the requirements posed in the question, your grade will also depend on: -fulfilling the requirements of the question -the originality, plausibility, and coherence of your answer -your analysis and interpretation of the required primary sources -use of other course material Use the spell check function on your computer. Excessive spelling and grammatical errors may result in a lower grade. The paper should NOT use the first person (NO “I” or “we”).
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History 248 – Fall 2008 – Essay Assignment 1 2 ORGANIZATION You need to create a clear and strong argument (thesis statement) that is based on your analysis of the primary documents and based on the parameters of the question. The thesis is not a statement of fact, but a debatable point. The thesis sentence spelling out your argument should
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HIST - Essay - History 248 Fall 2008 Essay Assignment 1...

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