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Natalie Yu (Yu Tsz Sum) February 28, 2009 JMC 101 Intro to Mass Media Section 608 Jennifer Draeger The Torch in Her Hand Shines “Like No Other Growing up in Hong Kong, I remembered Japan-founded companies had always dominated the electronics market in the 90s. From home appliances like refrigerators, air-conditioners, televisions, VCR and cassette players, to smaller devices like digital watches, cameras and camcorders, calculators, CD players and portable ones (i.e. Walkman), etc, Japanese manufacturers were always the pick. Among all the brands, Sony Corporation has always been the bellwether and leading manufacturer of the electronics industry, video, communications, video game consoles. The Corporation has created and launched many world’s “firsts”: the world’s first magnetic tape recorder, portable TV, home-use video tape recorder, CD player, consumer-use digital video camcorder, etc. Even today, Sony is still the pioneer of many new techniques and inventions like the first “Blu-ray Disc” recorder in 2003, digital HD video camera recorder, and in 2007 the first OLED TV recently 1 . Sony Corporation (Sony) is the ultimate parent company of the Sony Group. This giant media conglomerate has recorded with revenue exceeding 8,871,400 million yen (approximately 1 Sony Global – Corporate History,
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US$99.1 billion) as of 2007 2 . Now Sony has five segments: Electronics, Games, Entertainment (motion pictures and music), Financial Services and All Other. In all these aspects, Sony does fulfill the Corporation’s motto of “like no other ”, and becomes one of the most comprehensive entertainment companies in the world.
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JMC Paper 1 - Natalie Yu (Yu Tsz Sum) February 28, 2009 JMC...

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