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1 - Natalie Yu 1 What is the difference between linguistics...

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Unformatted text preview: Natalie Yu 1. What is the difference between linguistics and linguistic anthropology? According to Salzmann (and me having taken both linguistics and linguistic anthropology courses), there are certain resemblance and divergence between linguistics and linguistic anthropology. In the first chapter of his book, Salzmann writes that linguistic anthropology is concerned with the consequences of the process of the development of human language as an effective means of communication in cultural evolution during the past million years. The notion of studying linguistic anthropology is that if anthropology is the study of humanity, and language is one of the most characteristic features of humankind, then the study of language is an obvious and necessary aspect of anthropology, which aims as the study of humankind, as a whole. On the other hand, linguistics is the discipline that also focuses on the uniquely human attribute of language. It is not the study of a particular language for the purpose of learning to attribute of language....
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