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Natalie Yu 6. Will computers conversing with humans represent the next stage of language evolution? Many says that computers have been “taught” to talk, but according to Napoli (and in my own opinion), computers do not have language ; the sounds they are producing is artificial and are programmed into by humans. Napoli claims that language is uniquely human and is a “human attribute” from God. Humans are able to learn another language after they have acquired their first native tongue. And through learning another language, a person can obtain another set of logic or logically system which changes their views. One might argues that a computer can display and accept different languages typed in the console. Take my personal laptop as an example, it runs on a Chinese Windows, and I can type Chinese, English, Korean, and Japanese on it. Yet, the computer does not understand what I am typing in; it simply displays the letters or characters that I key in on the keyboard. Computers convert all letters with the binary system into numbers zero
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