Anthro Quiz#1 (Feb5)

Anthro Quiz#1 (Feb5) - Quiz (Discussion Focus) One 1. What...

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Unformatted text preview: Quiz (Discussion Focus) One 1. What distinction does Napoli make between communication and language? According to Napoli, to communicate is one of the main purposes of language. And there are many ways to communicate, using language is one of them, yet many of which do not involve language. (LM p.73) 2. Napoli is a linguist and Salzmann is an anthropologist. In what ways do Napoli and Salzmann agree or disagree as it relates to the distinctions made between communication and language? Both the writers agree that animals have communicative behaviors which can be vocal, but they are no comparison to the structure and complexity of human languages, and this conclusion is drawn based on some particular features (six from Napoli [LM p.75] and sixteen from Hockett listed in Salzmanns book [LSC p.33]). Salzmann points out animals do not have to learn about their communicative behavior, yet humans have to learn languages they speak. Napoli focuses on whether vocal-communicating animals have their own language; she finds none of the existing findings about animal communication convincing in that animals use...
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Anthro Quiz#1 (Feb5) - Quiz (Discussion Focus) One 1. What...

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