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PLP 6 - still people are naturally good at procrastinating...

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Natalie Yu Anthro 105-401 March 4, 2009 Week #6 Pop Language Project Q: Does computer language constitute the next human language? zLanguage changes swiftly especially in recent decades with the  emergence of pop culture. With the booming popularity of the internet, most  people nowadays in our society use the computer almost everyday. This is also  true for the popularization of cell phones and the introduction of text  messaging (and they are mostly free or at a low cost today promoted by mobile  carriers). To save time and save labor (yes I know it’s just pressing buttons but 
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Unformatted text preview: still people are naturally good at procrastinating at everything and anything), people abbreviate words or invent acronyms for words to shorten them hence to type faster. I think these phenomena are definitely shaping the language to a very, very large extent. Eventually it will cause (and in fact is causing) generation gaps linguistically. Just like grandmas don’t understand “omg” (oh my god), LOL (laugh out loud), rofl (roll on floor laughing), etc, the list never ends....
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