Syntax WA2 - 3b. “The assistants of the Directors”...

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Natalie Yu Tsz Sum (1155000186) LING 2005 Syntax I February 23, 2011 Written assignment 2 I. (i) 1. a. Billy b. No antecedent c. Sally d. John (ii) 1b. “John” and “himself” are not in the same clause aka local domain, even they agree on gender features. So they cannot correspond as antecedent and anaphor. “Sally” semantically cannot be the antecedent of “himself” as they do not agree on the gender feature. Therefore, the sentence is incorrect. 2b. “John’s sister” is one DP; it is inseparable and is different from John and his sister. There is no appropriate antecedent for the reflexive anaphor “himself” in the sentence, as “John’s sister” syntactically as the antecedent, does not agree with this anaphor in gender feature.
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Unformatted text preview: 3b. “The assistants of the Directors” cannot be the antecedent of “them”, because according to the C-command condition on binding of anaphors, an anaphor has to be used here (“themselves”) instead of a pronoun (“them”). II. The two sentences differ in the segments a “cannot recognize anything in any place” and b “can recognize nothing in any place”. Grammatically, 4a is correct because “not” c-commands both referential expressions of “anything” and “any” in the same domain. But in 4b, there is no polarity item or “affective” constituent in its domain, aka “nothing” and “any” do not have a c-command binding relation, therefore the sentence is ungrammatical....
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Syntax WA2 - 3b. “The assistants of the Directors”...

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