FLA Assignment 3 - LING3201 FLA Natalie Yu Tsz...

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LING3201 FLA Natalie Yu Tsz Sum (1155000186) Assignment 3 November 22, 2011. 1. That is a transformational operation trying to test whether children give structure- independent responses such as (iii) *Is the man who running is bald? , using a simple experimental procedure to elicit Yes/No questions from them. This is an example of Subject/AUX inversion. The study carried out by Crain and Nakayama involved thirty 3- to 5-year-old children responded to requests like “ Ask Jabba if the man who is running is bald ”. In response, children posed Yes/No questions to Jabba the Hutt, a figure from Star Wars who was being manipulated by one of the experimenters. Following each question, Jabba was shown a picture and would respond “yes” or “no”. This game was used to see whether children would produce incorrect Yes/No questions in response to declaratives that contained a relative clause. The findings of this study were the same as predicted – children never produced incorrect sentences like (iii); a structural-independent strategy was not adopted in spite of its simplicity and the fact that it produces the correct question forms in many instances. This lends support to one of the central claims of universal grammar, that the initial state of
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FLA Assignment 3 - LING3201 FLA Natalie Yu Tsz...

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