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FLA proj plan - sentence final particles and aspect-marking...

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Natalie Yu Tsz Sum (1155000186) LING3201 FLA Term Project plan (Initial) Term Project on first language acquisition I plan to work individually on the analysis of sentence final particles in Cantonese. Since the usage of these sentence final particles are never taught, i.e. no positive or negative evidence is provided, but somehow native Cantonese-speaking children can still master it. I would like to find out why in the project. And also Central issues: (1) Most importantly, how the children come to master those sentence final particles without schooling aka explicit teaching of how those sentence final particles are to be used; (2) whether the children make mistakes i.e. misuse the particles or place them inappropriately; (3) when their utterances start to be characterized by sentence final particles; etc. I am sure I will come up with more questions along with my findings. I understand that I should limit myself to one specific area, but I think in Cantonese,
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Unformatted text preview: sentence final particles and aspect-marking particles can sometimes be difficult to differentiate. So I will look in detailed into the cases. Also, brief research on the definition of a few targeted sentence-final particles will be involved semantically. My data mainly comes from available Cantonese child language corpus data. Analyses will be made upon the data collected (as useful to my project. And some of the data might possibly be collected from a few children that I have personal relations with – I have close friends whose families have an 8-month old baby and a kindergarten boy. But I will have to learn how to correctly collect what is considered useful data and make analysis upon those collected data. I think a desirable conclusion drawn upon the completion of the project would be something able to answer the above questions and issues....
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