102M prelab answers lab6

102M prelab answers lab6 - • Question 3 5 out of 5 points...

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Question 1 3 out of 3 points What are the necessary conditions for objects in translational and rotational equilibrium? τ is torque on the object(s), F is the force on the object(s), v is the translational velocity of the object(s), and ω is the angular velocity of the object(s). Answer Selected Answers: Σ F = 0 Σ τ = 0 Question 2 3 out of 3 points If I have a bar of length 2d that is supported on a peg at a distance d from the end of the bar and I place a force of F in the downward direction at a point d/2 from the right end. What is the force (direction
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and magnitude) I need to add to the bar at the very left END of the bar to keep it in equilibrium? Answer Selected Answer:
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Unformatted text preview: • Question 3 5 out of 5 points Look at manual Fig 6-4, using the experimental set up, suppose you are gradually increasing θ from 30 degree to 120 degree with a given T at the same pin, You will expect F FP to Answer Selected Answer: • Question 4 4 out of 4 points If Hobbs is waiting for Calvin to come home from school and pounces on Calvin as he opens the door. Hobbs hits Calvin with a force of 50N on his head (1.2 meter above the ground) at an upward angle from horizontal of 15 degrees. What is the magnitude of the torque that Hobbs produces if we assume the axis of rotation is at Calvin’s feet? Answer Selected Answer: 58.0Nm...
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102M prelab answers lab6 - • Question 3 5 out of 5 points...

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