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MBG*2040 Foundations in Molecular Biology and Genetics Mock Midterm Exam Winter 2012 It is most beneficial to you to write this mock midterm UNDER EXAM CONDITIONS . This means: Complete the midterm in an hour and 15 minutes. Work on your own. Keep your notes, textbook, and workbook closed. Attempt every question. After the time limit, go back over your work with a different colour or on a separate piece of paper and try to do the questions you are unsure of. Record your ideas in the margins to remind yourself of what you were thinking when you take it up during session. The purpose of this mock midterm is to give you practice answering questions in a timed setting and to help you to gauge which aspects of the course content you know well and which are in need of further development and review. Use this mock midterm as a learning tool in preparing for the actual midterm. Please be advised that we do not have previous knowledge about the content of your midterm, so do not focus your studying simply on the material presented in the mock exam. !"#$%&"'()* ,%(&#( -./( /0&/ /0"# 1'.$2 '"3/()'4 5&# 6)(6&)(3 78 #/93(-/#: ,%(&#( 9#( /0"# )(#.9)$( ; &-3 "# -./ '(&-/ /. 7( & #97#/"/9/( ;.) %($/9)( .) /(>/7. &66&)(-/ 9-%(##? .) (=(- ";? 8.9 &//(-3 /0( #(##".- ; ;"%"&/(3 5"/0? /0( !(6&)/'(-/ .; This version of the mock midterm will be reviewed and discussed during the following SLG sessions: Date and Time Location Leader Tues/Thurs 11:30-1 pm LIB 120A Leah Thursday 5:30-8:30pm LIB 384 Levy
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The following Scenario applies to questions 1-4 Gaucher Disease Type I Gaucher Disease Type I (GD-I) is a rare single gene disorder which is fully penetrant. Affected individuals have enlarged livers and spleens, bone abnormalities, and anaemia. GD-I is caused by a defect in the gene that encodes the enzyme glucocerebrosidase. The gene maps to chromosome 1. Glucocerebrosidase functions in the lysosome to degrade certain complex lipids (glucocerebrosides). If the enzyme functions poorly then partially degraded lipids accumulate in the lysosomes of cells. The macrophages of the immune system are particularly sensitive to this process and lipid-laden macrophages accumulate in the bone marrow where they compromise the production of red blood cells and platelets. The pedigree below represents a hypothetical family affected with GD-I. Shaded symbols represent individuals affected with GD-I and open symbols represent phenotypically normal individuals. The following four questions refer to this information. 1. Individual III-2 marries individual III-6. What is the probability that the first child of these
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Mock Midterm W121 - MBG*2040 Foundations in Molecular...

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