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ADV 319 Fall 2011 PSYCH OF ADV 8_24_11

ADV 319 Fall 2011 PSYCH OF ADV 8_24_11 - ADV 319 Fall 2011...

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ADV 319 Fall 2011 Stout 8/24/11 1 ADV 319 PSYCHOLOGY OF ADVERTISING (Unique # 05595) T, TH 3:30-5:00 P.M (UTC 4.132) Instructor : Patricia A. Stout, Ph.D. Email: [email protected] Offic e Hours: TH 12:30-2:30 p.m. & by appointment Office: WWH 413 (Map: http://www.utexas.edu/maps/main/buildings/wwh.html ) Graduate Assistant : Bill Reeves email : [email protected] Office Hours and Location: To Be Determined Course Objectives and Materials This course provides an introduction to the psychology of persuasion and consumer behavior, intended for the purposes of marketing and advertising. Students will become acquainted with a variety of psychological concepts, like perception, learning, memory, motivation, values, personality, attitudes, and others. Consumer behavior related concepts will also be discussed, including lifestyle, decision making, opinion leadership, social class, income, etc., to better understand how advertising impacts consumers. By the end of the course, students should be able to: 1. Describe and understand basic concepts central to persuasion and consumer behavior at the individual, group and cultural levels. 2. Apply these concepts to current advertising practices, and 3. Scrutinize how advertising may impact different consumers on a psychological level. Central ideas of the course will be conveyed through reading and discussion of articles and chapters during class. Course readings will consist of readings from (1) the textbook listed below, (2) articles available on Blackboard under Course Documents, Assigned Readings (in pdf format). Required text for the course: (available at UT Co-op) th edition), Prentice Hall. Additionally, it is important that you are aware of issues and trends in advertising and public relations. Online resources include Advertising Age ( www.adage.com/ ), PRWeek ( www.prweekus.com ), and AdWeek ( www.adweek.com/ ).
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ADV 319 Fall 2011 Stout 8/24/11 2 Blackboard: All course information will be posted on Blackboard: http://courses.utexas.edu/ . This includes the syllabus, PowerPoint lecture slides, readings in addition to textbook chapters, exam study sheets, and grades. Be sure you have a valid email address connected with Blackboard to ensure receipt of communication concerning the course. Check the Blackboard site regularly. Course Requirements and Assessment Grading: Exam 1 25% 50 points Exam 2 25% 50 points Exam 3 25% 50 points Participant Pool Research Credits (2) 10% 20 points In-class quizzes (5) 15% 30 points Total 100% 200 points Course Exams and In-class Quizzes: Four exams will be given throughout the semester: three regular semester exams and an optional, comprehensive final.
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ADV 319 Fall 2011 PSYCH OF ADV 8_24_11 - ADV 319 Fall 2011...

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