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LL041 Communications/Fall 2008 November 14, 2008 Progress Report – 5% Write a progress report, in memo format , to provide me with an update on your teamwork project. A. Be sure to use correct grammar, sentence structure and vocabulary . Try to stretch your writing skills by using some academic or professional vocabulary. However, don’t use too much jargon, and avoid clichés and wordy, redundant expressions. Avoid all use of slang and vague language. B. Organize your report in the following way. - Summary/Background - Progress Planned Work Work Done Problems Schedule - Plans - [Evidence/Appendices] C. Read the instructions for writing progress reports in the handout provided. Even though your report will be brief, you should still include information that addresses each of the sections explained in the handout. Turn in one copy of the report, initialled by all team members who are present today.
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Unformatted text preview: Also, read and sign the evaluation section at the bottom of this page. Save your document in a form that you can access after you turn in the printed document. Evaluation (see assignment specifications above) A. Writing Skills – 10 points B. Report Organization and Format – 10 points C. Content – 10 points Check One: • All team members worked equally on this report. ______ • Only team members in class today worked on this report. ______ • Team member(s) ______________________________________ (name) did less work on this report. Explain: I agree with the checked statement above. Date : Name Signature (or write “absent”) 1. ________________________________ _____________________________________ 2. ________________________________ _____________________________________ 3. ________________________________ _____________________________________...
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