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01.Intro Aug 8 2008

01.Intro Aug 8 2008 - 5 1 EXPERIMENT 1 INTRODUCTION TO THE...

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1 EXPERIMENT # 1: INTRODUCTION TO THE ELECTRICAL LABORATORY COURSE TECHNICAL OBJECTIVES 1. To learn about computer generated assignments. 2. To learn to use an analogue meter. 3. To learn how to use a protoboard. 4. To learn about Safety. BEHAVIORAL OBJECTIVES 1. To be able to use TLM (The Learning Manager on-line quiz system). 2. To learn to use meters. 3. To develop manipulative skills. INTRODUCTION This laboratory period provides the instructor with an opportunity to discuss some important features of the lab course. Among these are: SAFETY 1. Avoidance of shock. 2. Protective equipment (safety glasses). 3. Conduct and legal responsibilities under the Occupational Health and Safety Act. 4. Good Housekeeping and care of equipment. MAINTAINING A GOOD LEARNING ENVIRONMENT 1. Sharing of knowledge with colleagues. 2. Development of trust with instructor. EVALUATION 1. The use of pre-lab and post-lab report sheets. 2. In-lab evaluation of students. 3. Lab tests. LAB ACTIVITIES FOR THIS FIRST SESSION The time will be shared between learning to use TLM (The Learning Manager) on an Internet connected computer to generate and assess assignments, learning to use simple analogue meters for voltage measurement, becoming familiar with the protoboard by using a simple continuity tester and learning to use. Following the lab, all students are to read the notes on electric shock, and submit the completed report sheet. EE148 5
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PART I - USING TLM FOR COMPUTER GENERATED ASSIGNMENTS The instructor will demonstrate the use of setting up your account, generating your first assignment and entering the assignment answers. TLM can be accessed by entering in the address line of the Internet browser. T he L earning M anager v2.1 - LOGGING ON AS A STUDENT Preliminaries “Click” in the instructions that follow means to press once on the left button of the mouse. “Right click” refers to pressing the right button of the mouse. If you are booting up one of the terminals in the lab or in the Computer Open Access Room C122, a login window to the network will pop up asking for a password. Just press [ Enter ] (i.e. no password is needed to enter the network ). Also, in the lab (e.g. E207 or E227), do not click on the “Shortcut to TLM” icon on Windows’ Desktop because this shortcut is for the non-internet version of TLM. A) Getting An Assignment 1. Use Microsoft’s web browser, Internet Explorer , IE 4 or higher (Do not use Netscape Navigator , it is incompatible). 2. In the URL Address bar, type in: and press [ Enter ]. 3. Enter your U ser ID and P assword for TLM; click [ Submit ] or press [ Enter ]. 4. (If the question ‘Do you want to install and run “Sheridan Active List Bar Cab File”?’ shows up, click [ Yes ].) 5. Next, select a course (if there is an option) by clicking on it.
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01.Intro Aug 8 2008 - 5 1 EXPERIMENT 1 INTRODUCTION TO THE...

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